Three exhibitions of queer artists in queer spaces. With documentary drawing and photography capturing the Berlin Drag scene in it's variety of forms. Each exhibition will be displayed in popular venues of Berlin's exciting and varied drag communities. Aja Jacques photographic journalism looks into a time when performers were forced off stage into their homes. O Baldwins snapshot photography captures the Drag King collective Venus Boys from their beginnings to an expanded collective. The magic drawings of Suzanne Forbes display the drag community through use of line and color; with examples of live + online Drag. Together these exhibitions give us a vantage point of Berlin’s Drag scene in recent history.

Berlin Offstage



Aja Jacques

Berlin's performance artists – the talented people known for making our nightlife and arts scene the beloved spectacle that it is – were hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. In the winter lockdown of 2020, with no jobs, no stages, and no live audiences, they were pushed to the perimeters. But their voices – and their art – remained as complex and important as ever. Berlin Offstage is a collection of interviews with and photos of these artists in their homes, bringing us into their worlds while they remained isolated and faced unique struggles.

Tipsy Bear

Eberswalder Str. 21
10437 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
Sat 1 October 2022 - 17:00

Boys on Film



O Baldwin

A series of photos following the growth and expansion of the Berlin based Drag Collective Venus Boys. From small bars to festivals, circus tents and clubs! The photographer creates intimate moments with each artist to give the viewer an insight into the workings of a Venus Boys Drag Show! The exhibition is shot solely on 35mm in snapshot style. 

Silver Future
Weserstraße 206
12047 Berlin - Neukölln
Sun 2 October 2022 - time to be anounced soon




Suzanne Forbes 

is a queer, disabled documentary artist. A former DC comics and courtroom artist, she has been doing live drawings of diverse LGBTQIA+ people at nightclubs, drag shows, dungeons, porn shoots and Pride parties for seventeen years. Crowd-funding pays her to do this documentary art work and make the art available free to all via Creative Commons. The drawings shown at go drag! are from live shows in early 2020 and livestreamed shows during 2020 and 2021. These drawings feature go drag! performers like the Venus Boys, Godxxx Noirphiles, and the legendary Bridge Markland.

AHA - Berlin
Monumentenstraße 13
10829 Berlin - Schöneberg
Mon 3 October 2022 - 15:00 - 17:00